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  Website Localization

GB delivers web-sites that just are as effective in other languages as the original. We specialize in localization and maintenance of advanced multi-language web sites, including interactive e-commerce sites and sites that are updated on a daily basis.

Close consultation aims to create the ideal multilingual websites. Cultural adaptation is often required to meet the marketing demands of a specific target audience or geographical area. Suggestions are made to adapt or redesign content, slogans, color combinations and images.

• Collaborative project planning/management
• Focus on target audiences, demographics, brand positioning
• Localization of resource files and source code in a variety of formats, online help, knowledge base.
• Translation, editing and proofreading
• DTP, multimedia, voice over, dubbing, graphic files, user interface localization
• Multilingual voiceover narration for Web site audio/video
• Quality Assurance, visual QA, compiling, compliance testing

Linguistic style

• Accurate and culturally appropriate translations
• Consistency of corporate and product brand identities
• Glossary and terminology development for use across multiple languages, platforms and media types
• Cost-effective and timely projects
• Ongoing maintenance, rapid website updates using translation memory
• Multilingual Customer Support (eCRM) and marketing copywriting Website

localization process includes the following:

• Localization Kit Review, Analysis and Preparation
• Project Kick-Off Meeting
• Subject Matter Training and Research
• Glossary and Terminology Development
• Cultural Correctness Assessment
• Translation, Editing and Proofreading of User Interface and Documentation Content
• Localization Engineering
• Localization of all graphics
• Testing according to client’s requirement
• Client Review and Approval
• Final QA
• Project Delivery

For more information about GB, website localization programs, and recommendations about international website management tools, please contact us .


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