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  Localization Outsourcing

The Business Process Outsurcing concept is simple: Outsource your entire Localization Department to a contractor so that you can focus 100% of your energy on your core business.

Outsourcing to China is a growing trend. China offers skilled workers at cut-rate prices. Outsourcing lets you do more with a limited budget and keeps your company focused on core business issues. Companies who outsource:

Want to reduce operating costs.
Lack in-house talent required for project.
Need in-house staff on another project.
It may seem like a revolutionary leap asking GB to take over your localization infrastructure completely -- systems, hardware, and having your staff no longer work for you.

There is a natural tension in global organizations between centralization and decentralization. As regional subsidiaries grow stronger, they begin to exert more control, leading to increased decentralization. As global businesses mature, they introduce innovations to increase efficiency, leading to greater centralization. The article linked below explores how content management systems drive centralization in the procurement of language services. It also highlights the importance of appropriate regional participation.

There are two distinct phases in the process of outsourcing your localization department. First, there is a transition in which GB operates the localization department much in the same fashion that it has operated previously. Then, after the transition phase is complete, the transformation phase can begin. This is the phase in which GB improves on the legacy processes, and runs the department in a more efficient manner.


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